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MP ACRYLIC Latex Additive

CODE : P 827

P-827 MP ACRYLIC Latex Additive is ready-to-use cement modifier, consisting of Acrylic Latex Additive co-polymer emulsion for enhancing the adhesion strength of motar, plastering cement, cement/sand screed, render mortar, grouting cement and the like PH 9 +/- 0.5.

When used in place of clean mixing water, P-827 MP Acrylic Latex Additive exhibits the following benefits:
When used with Grouts:
  • Improves freeze / thaw resistance
  • Increases fiexural and tensile strengths
  • Enhances colour, non-yellowing
  • Virtually eliminates efflorescence
  • Quick, easy cleanup
  • Aids in uniform curing

When used with Mortars:
  • Greatly increases bond strength
  • Increases flexural and tensite strength
  • Improves workability
  • Aids in uniform curing

Where To Use:
  • Ceramic Tiles & Dimension Stone
  • Portland Cement Mortar Beds
  • Underlayment
  • Plum and true masonry concrete

4Kg (6Jars/Carton)
18Kg Drum

Milky White

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