to the world of the KOYA brand products. Since the last catalogue in 2008, we are keep on develop more variety of products to

satisfy all of your needs and wants. As a Household & Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance Chemicals Products manufacturer, we supply

wide range of products that you and your family may need it in any place and anytime like your house, car, office, factory, future house,

your construction site, and your dream hotels. So, please spend a little bit of your precious time to have a full view of our products

catalogue and start to think, plan, and to access your requirement. By the way, feel free to contact us if any requirement and to obtain

our latest pricelist. All your needs will be served by our wide range of products and excellent services. Our excellent and quality products

will ensure utmost satisfaction and make dreams evolve into fulfilled reality. Our sincere thanks and in anticipation to hear from you soon to be able to serve you better.

About Us :

TLC-KOYA Chemicals Manufacturing Sdn Bhd was established since 1998. Until now, we have become a SME that manufacture

Household & Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance Chemical Products. We have manufacture about 200 kinds of products and also OEM to

satisfy customer's different kind of needs.

In 2010, we established a new warehouse store just opposite of our factory to allow us to separate the production and storage

department. In the pass, production and storage department are squeezed together in our factory. But now, production have more area to

produce out large quantity of products to maintain the quality of the products instead of small quantity quality maintain difficulty.

And also, we have a bigger size of storage quantity, it allow us to shorten the lead time from order to production and sales. It makes our

customer to get the products early than before 2 times.

We are still pursuing our main objective to distribute our excellent products to the local and oversea market. In order to reach the

objective, we also aim to get the ISO 9001 to prove and giving our customer more confidence on our products and services.

Company Vision :

-Supply goods at the most cost efficient manner

-Provide a strong technical backing

-Laboratory support and quality control to meet our product specification requirement.

-Improve our whole services

Our Product Range:

Industrial Maintenance & Cleaning Products

– Alkaline Cleaner & Degreaser

– Acidic Cleaner

– Chemical Solvent

– Soldering Chemical

– Wood Adhesive

– Contact Adhesive

– Cutting Coolant

– Stamping Oil

– Rust Remover

– Rust Preventive

Building & Construction Application Products

– Rust Convertor Primer

– Cement Remover

– Construction Adhesive

– Anti-Termite Paint

– Waterproofing Chemical

– Tile Adhesive

– Cement Additive

– Cement plasticizing Accelerator

– LatexSealant

– Awning Sealant

Car Care Products

– Car Shampoo

– Radiator Coolant

– Tyre Shine

– Brake & Clutch Fluid

– Engine Lubricant

– Engine oil Treatment

– All kind of Grease

– Battery Water

Household Cleaning & Maintenance Products

– Dishwashing Liquid

– Heating Wax & Gel

– Deodorant & Para Block

– Drain Cleaner

– All Purpose Cleaner

– Hand Cleanser

– Floor Cleaner

– Pine Disinfectant & Freshener

– Laundry Detergent

– Fabric Softener

– Bleach

– Glass Cleaner

– Hand Sanitizer

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