Health and safety Rules & Guidelines

1. Ensure that cut and abrasions are cover with suitable dressing before commence your work.

2. Keep all chemical out of reach of general public and all anauthorized personal.

3. Do not store chemical above eye level.

4. Display hazard warning signs during every cleaning operation.

5. Venilate area whenever possible.

6. Do not mix different chemical.

7. All equipment should cleaned and store in the correct manner after each cleaning operation.

Correct Procedure for Handling Chemical

1. Using Chemical

- Know your chemical.

- Smell, colour, texture and format.

- What they do and how they do it.

- Safe dilution rate & procedure.

- Hazards and safety drills.

Always read the instruction: if in doubt...............Ask!

One at a time..............

use one chemical only at each stage:

Rinse / flush ell between stage.

Never mix different chemical:

The result could kill you!

Check what’s in a solution before adding anything to it.

Look after your own chemical:

Know where they are tell the time.

No Smoking or Eating while handling chemicals.

Store Chemical

Store well away from FOOD.

Protect from extremes of heat & cold and ensure good lighting & ventilation.

Stack neatly on sound racking. Do not over-stack or overload helves.

Separate different product, especially bleach and Acid.

Handle all packs carefully and keep it tidy!

Chemical Containers

Use the original containers or approved dispensers.

Never use unmarked packs.

Discard leaking / damage packs.

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